We partner with Indigenous Peoples, Nations, and organizations to provide medically accurate and culturally relevant COVID-19 info in Indigenous languages across the world.


"Communication they say is key. This novel virus COVID-19  has disrupted the activity of the whole world in a way we never imagined. It is not the type of virus that deals with people of a specific race or country and so we are all in this together, supporting each other, and one way we can do that is by communicating guidelines on how we can protect ourselves in various Indigenous languages.”

Akinbulire Modupe Oluwapelumi

Yoruba Translator

"The whole world must be protected from COVID-19. In order to gather social awareness, it is a must to translate COVID-19 health guidelines into Indigenous languages. So I'm very proud to be a part of this project. Moreover I'm hoping to serve the world with many more upcoming projects."

Madduma Kaluge Nethmi Dananjana

Sinhala Translator

“Information is the most important element in fighting COVID-19 and most importantly adhering to the guidelines in order to make the world a better place! Together we can fight COVID-19.”

Julius Riley

Bemba Translator

“The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the well-being of Indigenous communities and COVID-19 information should reach Indigenous communities in a language they can understand. Moreover this is in solidarity to promote indigenous languages.”

Ms. Thingreiphi Lungharwo and Somi Kasomwoshi

Tangkhul Translators

Our languages are our root but the younger generations from Indigenous communities in Bangladesh can not read and write in their own mother tongue these days. Our communities are already very marginalized, if we don't try to save our languages they will go extinct very soon. We, elders, need to work hand in hand with youths to save our languages and need to find ways how to revitalize them for the future generation."

Mr. Aungkyajai Marma

Marma Language Writer and Researcher, and Translator

"It is our right to know the complete information and safety measures on COVID 19 in our Indigenous language. When we know safety measures in our own language, we can protect ourselves and effectively teach community members too. Therefore, Information on COVID 19 in Indigenous language is important for us."

Ms. Kalpana Kulung & Mr. Jok Raj Kulung

Kirat Kulung Translators

COVID-19 informatics are not only culturally relevant to the Indigenous Peoples, but also helps save a lot of vulnerable communities from the spread of the pandemic.”

Carson Kiburo

Endorois Translator

"The cause and preventive measures of  COVID-19 can only be understood by the Indigenous  communities when they relate to their familiar environment.”

Faith Mugure

Kikuyu Translator

“We would like to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the entire Republic.”

Sargy Atlasova

Sakha Translator

"An expression of COVID-19 information in Shona is crucial for people in Shona speaking communities to understand the importance of mitigation. The health system is poor, so information is the best tool that should be available, more importantly in a language that people understand."

Davison Mudzingwa

Shona Translator

“The translations are bringing a powerful change and my community is getting so much enlightenment on this virus.”

Emily Lerosion

Samburu Translator

"With this life changing initiative we hope to effectively fight misinformation without any language barrier and ensure that people living in the most remote areas are empowered enough to adopt to public health precautions against COVID-19."

Ssemuyaba John Bosco

Destiny Doctors Uganda