The Translations for our Nations Initiative was founded by Victor A. Lopez-Carmen, a Dakota and Yaqui medical student at Harvard Medical School. The Initiative is co-founded by Sterling Stutz and Thilaxcy Yohathasan, Master of Public Health students at the University of Toronto, and Sukhmeet Singh Sachal, a medical student at the University of British Columbia.

Since the pandemic began, many Indigenous Peoples have been left behind due to COVID-19 information not being accessible in their languages. Our goal is to bridge this gap by working directly with Indigenous community members to facilitate the translation of accurate COVID-19 information into their local languages.

Our team consists of over 120 Indigenous translators from various Nations, community organizations, and countries across the globe, and we have translated COVID-19 information into over 40 Indigenous languages so far. Our materials have been reviewed by physicians, medical students, and Indigenous youth leaders. Translators on the team have been offered honorariums whenever possible for their vital work that gets distributed directly to the community level.


Victor A. Lopez-Carmen

Founder & Director

Sterling Stutz


Thilaxcy Yohathasan


Sukhmeet Singh Sachal


Kevin Ernesto Salinas

Latin-America Translations Manager

Indigenous Youth Leaders

Global Indigenous Youth Caucus
Source Indigenous Content Creators/Reviewers

Outreach Team

Madison Esposito and Carrington Christmas
Illustrator: Emily Kragel

Source Medical Content Creators/Reviewers

Logan Beyer (Harvard Medical School), Margaret Irwin (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Serena Chao (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Omar Amir (Mt. Sinai Medical School)

Partners and Community Organizations

Community of Youth Indigenous Mothers in Oymyakon Village, Harvard Medical School COVID-19 Student Response, UN Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, UN Major Group for Children and Youth, Tribal Link Foundation, Association of Nepal Kirat Kulung Language and Cultural Development, Mong Circle Cheif's Office, Khagrachhari, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Marma School, Kokborok Research Institute (Khagrachhari), Destiny Doctors, Guyana Ministry of Health, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, Oaxaca Public Defender's Office, Estudiante UV Intercultural Sede Las Selvas, Jamii Asilia Centre (JAC), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), COVID-19 Indigenous Health Partnership, Multilingual Solutions, San Youth Network, Southern African San Development Organisation (SASDO), African Human Rights Film Festival, Matshelo Community Development Association, Save The Poor Foundation ( SAPOF), The New Dawn Pacesetter, Northeast Star/Our Nigeria Magazine, My Environment is Mine, Life Ministry Tanzania, Grace Springs Rehabitation, Al Hamra Youth Club Sri Lanka, Happy to Help You Foundation, Shubang Communications, Through The Eyes Of African Women, Inspiring Generation, Inno'on la oh, Forum des Femmes Autochtones Du Cameroun (FFAC), Family Mission for Women and Children Welfare, International Youth Forum for Social Justice, Drug Abuse and Crime Prevention (IYUSDAC), National Youth Council of Nigeria, Save the Children International, Unveiling Diamonds Foundation, WeRobotics, Wildlife Conservation Society (UQ), Global Eco Foundation, All Africa Students Union, Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria, Odula Initiative, Care Love Charity Foundation, Ghana Institute of Languages, Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP), African Youth on the Map, Kitindio Musembi Advocates, Ralum Sustainability-Young Mentors Initiative, Revamp Rave Network and International Climate Change Development Initiative, Ashaiman Polyclinic, National Commission for Civic Education, Teach for Nigeria, Indigenous Friends Association, Egyptian Association for Globalization & Localization, African Consulting and Services, Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe Trust, MenaAlliances.Inc, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, Born To Learn Foundation, Amnesty International, Indigenous Languages of Manitoba, International Youth Society of Sudan, Effective Basic Services (eBASE), Open Foundation West Africa, Development and Peace Makers Centre, Egba United Society, Northern Nomadic Disabled Persons Organization (NONDO), Centro Intercultural Comunitario Yawar Wawki, Youth Care Development and Empowerment Initiative


University of Toronto COVID-19 Student Engagement Award, Government of Canada Rising Youth Program Grant